Wheat Thins // Superstish-Thins

The 2014 World Cup was set to be a landmark year for the US National Team... until they drew the most competitive group in the tournament aka the Group of Death. As the official cracker of US Soccer, Wheat thins knew our team needed all the luck they could get.

So on Friday the 13th (2 days before their first game), we launched a good luck campaign to help Team USA survive. Devoted fans performed some Wheat Thins Wizardry by eating their wheat thins in specific ways to send the US players some good juju.

Turns out, Wheat Thins may be kinda lucky.

Role: Art Director // Agency: AKQA

Game 1:  USA vs. Ghana

(who has knocked us out of the two previous tournaments)


Just before kickoff, we released our first Superstish-Thin.

Less than a minute later Dempsey Hits the back of the net with the quickest goal of the tournament to put USA up 1-0.

After a Ghana goal with 5 minutes left in the game, we weren't sure if the Superstish-Thins were working... but then came this amazing header from John Brooks to give The US the win.

We were so excited that we adopted an American Bald Eagle. Meet Mr. Lincoln.

Game 2:  USA vs. Portugal


Coming off a win, we released another Superstish-Thin to keep the luck going against Cristiano Ronaldo and the #3 Ranked Portugal Team.

It took a little while for this one to kick in, but when it did, it hit hard. with two balls in the back of the net.

A Draw vs Portugal, I think the luck is still flowing. We were as proud as soccer moms, so why not send Team USA moms a minivan full of Wheat Thins.

Game 3:  USA vs. Germany


The fight to survive the Group of Death.


With only a 0-1 loss, we survived the Group of Death and moves on to the Round of 16.
What better way to celebrate than with a 1 -Block Square Parade!

Game 4Round of 16, USA vs. Belgium

Starting off the Knockout round of 16, needing more luck than ever, we were all holding on to our butts, and our boxes.

The Superstish-Thin luck had to run out sometime; we would never say as much in public, but it was definitely because people weren't eating enough Wheat Thins.