Look, that's a picture of me.
I'm an Art Director, Maker, and wannabe barista.

I'm not always the best at talking about my self, so I've let my buddy Dan help:

"Jordan likes to make stuff. People throw that around a lot these days, but not everybody knows how to make sweet concrete countertops or weld your broken whatever back into tip-top shape. The man can make a chop-saw sing. 

He can also probably make you sing—he knows all the words to all the emo songs you wish you didn’t remember. It’s really pretty impressive. He was raised a stone’s throw from Disney World in the mosquito-ridden, impossibly-humid semi-independent republic of Orlando, Florida. This gives him an acute appreciation for the sad costumed characters in Times Square. 

Astonishingly, he has enough room in his apartment for a Marshall half-stack amp that he never uses. He can do the fancy latte milk designs and he’ll gladly make you one, unless you’re being a punk."

Don’t be a punk.