Monkey Shoulder // The Monkey Mixer

Who wants small-batch & hand-crafted when you can have the Monkey Mixer. Monkey Shoulder is bringing fun back to serious cocktails with this ultimate cocktail machine. 

Role: Art Director // Agency: Rokkan

Many consider whisky sacred and precious. Many take their cocktails very seriously. We respect that, but believe people should play with their whisky, and enjoy the experience. Monkey Shoulder is an award-winning whisky that is made for mixing, and we are dedicated to sharing the joy and wonder of what a whisky cocktail experience can be.

Measuring at over  over 27 feet long, 13 feet tall and 8 feet wide and making its debut at the 2018 Arizona Cocktail Week and continuing on a US Tour, the Monkey Mixer can deliver up to 2,400 gallons of deliciously intoxicating blended scotch cocktails. That's the equivalent of 123,000 bottles of Monkey Shoulder.