Maserati // @MaseratiUSA

We brought the Italian icon to the US. 

Role: Art Director // Agency: AKQA


Whether you’re sticking to the city
or miles from a traffic light,
when you’re behind the wheel
of a #Masverasti #Ghibli, green
always means go.


Measured, cut, and crafted in Modena. #Quattroporte #GTS


Italian Leather is standard in every #Ghibli,
complementing the smooth lines of our
dashboard, next-gen steering wheel
and sporty wraparound seats.


Your car is your personal space.
In the case of a #Maserati, it’s your
personal paradise.


What’s better than taking control over
404 horsepower and escaping the routine
for a fall weekend? Doing it in the luxury of a #Maserati #Quattroporte #GT.