Starbucks // Coffee Passport

Taste your way through the full Starbucks portfolio of roasts and blends. Take notes, earn stamps, and learn what you love about coffee, and how to make it even better.

Role: Art Director & Designer // Agency: AKQA


The Details

When finding your favorite roast, it's all about the details. See where each roast is grown, flavor profiles, and even food pairings. 

Take Notes and upload photos to track your tasting journey. 


Espresso Classics

Ever wondered what made a cappuccino a cappuccino? Watch your favorite drinks come to life, from a classic doppio to the flavor filled caramel macchiato. 


The Coffee Passport

As a tradition, each new barista is given a notebook version, but now everyone can take part in the coffee journey.



Animated brew guides walk you through your favorite methods step-by-step.